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Emu V250 Hight Speed Train

Country of Project: Netherlands/Belgium
Project Name: Emu V250 Hight Speed Train
Client: SNCB/NMBS Fyra NS Hispeed Klantenservice Postbus 2552 3500 GN Utrecht
Period: 2005-2009
Contractor: AnsaldoBreda S.p.A
Services Carried Out By Meccanica System:
Trailer Car: Floors, Interiors (Baggage Racks, Under-Roof and Window Linings), External Door Assembly, Fire Protection for Medium Voltage Racks, Toilet Applications, Emergency Handles Applications, Vestibules Assembly, Converter Cables Distribution, Vestibule Area Pneumatic Systems, Forced Aeration Traction Motors, Waste Water Boxes, Roof External Fairings, F.E.M. Analysis for Various Device Applications. Pneumatic System Cab, Floors, Electrical Racks Assembly and Signaling Systems.

Motor coach and cabine: External fgr fairings + accessories, cab interiors, driver and assistant visibility, ergonomics, pneumatic systems, braking and coupling alimentation, driver board systemization, braking handle mountings, escape ways, floors, cab hvac piping, signaling systems, illumination, passenger information systems, undercar euro-aerial applications, roof gsm-r and gps applications, electrical racks assembly, thermo-acoustic insulation, R.E.I. wall in cab-vestibule area, vehicle accessories systemization, F.E.M. Analysis for various devices applications