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Marco De Luca - Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Marco De LucaMr. Marco De Luca, Co:Founder and Co:CEO of Meccanica System S.r.L., launched his career in 1992 with an on the job training course, courtesy of his father’s thermal plants firm.  Mr. De Luca, skilled in corporate development and corporate design, inherited his entrepreneurial nature from his parents.  His father, Mr. Giuseppe De Luca headed his thermal plants firm while his mother, Ms. Giovanna De Luca, was the proprietor of a bakery. Armed with the spirit of enterprise and driven by a sustained curiosity, young Marco was attracted at first to the mechanics and development of fluid technologies. These included various types of hydraulic machines including Pelton, Francis and Kaplan turbines, centrifugal pumps as well as axial displacement and air distribution equipment such as fans and compressors.

Following his high school education Mr. De Luca earned the opportunity to study industrial plant engineering and develop his natural and inherent expertise in a new found passion, plant design. Most of his work centered on cogeneration plants with turbines or internal combustion engines as well as the design of the installations. In 1997, after one year of military service, Mr. De Luca joined with Mr. Antenucci to found Meccanica System, an international plant design and mechanical engineering consulting firm.  First, focusing on textile machinery, the firm grew, diversified and expanded while establishing collaborative relationships with some of the world’s most important international companies. Mr. De Luca is married to Amalia Lepore, the sister of Mr. Antenucci’s wife, Ida. Marco and Amalia have two children, Sara, and Alessandro.
Contact: deluca@meccanicasystem.it