Spare Parts Catalogues

Meccanica System has always distinguished itself for its classified and catalogued spare parts catalogues, complete with lists and relative translations in foreign languages; they are reproduced with exploded perspective drawings, executed by solid modeling, so as to view the individual pieces from various points of view.

The experience acquired in this sector has served as input to elaborate an alternative product known as "MS-EXP", a computer information system for interactively consulting and ordering spare parts.
After the user has been provided with a simple CD-ROM, he merely has to open a file on a computer or other Windows-operated device and begin exploration with a simple click of the mouse, thus activating all the functions.

After selecting the group to be viewed from the general index, a table with an exploded drawing appears on the display. By clicking the required component, a link appears giving the code, description(also in foreign languages), etc.

The "MS-EXP" system achieves excellent functional and graphic  results, because all the images are displayed in photorealistic rendering.