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F.E.M Analysis

In order to offer an increasingly qualified service, the Meccanica System team of engineers performs analyses with the Finite Element Method (FEM). The “Finite Element Method” (FEM) is a technique used to find approximate solutions to differential equations encountered in physics and engineering. The first step consists of dividing the component into sub: parts, known as finite elements and selecting the choice of points, called nodes, on the boundary between adjoining elements or inside the elements.

Stresses and displacements are then assumed as unknown variables: at a generic point of an element they are expressed in terms of node variables through interpolation functions.  Lastly, algebraic equations to resolve the problem are generated by a variation principle. The Finite Elements Method offers unique opportunities to assess structural behavior, thus enabling drastic reductions in the investments required to build and test prototypes.

Thanks to this type of analysis, many firms have seen a marked improvement in their competitiveness.  Simulations made by FEM are approximations of physical reality and the results observed can be reliably interpreted only by users with sufficient knowledge of applied mechanics and the basic principles of FEM.