Quality, Environment and Safety Policy

Meccanica System is committed to delivering timely, professional, and reliable services, aiming to meet all the needs of the customers. The Executive Board is also committed to ensuring its employees a healthy and safe workplace while reducing its environmental impact. These commitments are pursued through an active organization in compliance with the regulations and other requirements and to prevent any possible complaints, accidents, occupational hazards, accidents and environmental damage

In detail, the Department is committed to manage Meccanica System according to the following:


  1. Pursue the full satisfaction of internal and external customers, through:
    1. 1 Offering the range of services that meet the needs of customers for reliable references and the optimal technical solutions and performance achievements.
    2. 2 The guarantee of a dynamic and efficient service thus providing technical assistance to the customer and delivery times in  line with the needs of the  market, while ensuring respect for the environment and the health and safety of employees;
    3. 3 Monitoring of customer satisfaction through statistics on complaints, investigations and special investigations through periodic surveys.
  2. Ensuring the competitiveness of the company through a dynamic and effective organization that will permit the following:
    1. 1 An accurate survey of internal problems and the systematic implimentation of improvement activities
    2. 2 A constant update of information systems and new technologies
    3. 3 Adjustment of the business infrastructure in order to ensure the prevention of accidents and environmental risks and health and safety in the workplace.
    4. 4 Using simple process indicators for measuring compan’s performance
  3. Satisfaction and gratification of staff, in compliance with applicable laws, through:
    1. 1 Participation in training internal or external in relation to the tasks performed, company needs, relavent to the dangers at work and in relation to emergencies
    2. 2 Compliance with the laws concerning safety and health in the workplace
    3. 3 Health and safety consideration in the workplace as a key element in the planning of services offered;
    4. 4 Work organization in order to ensure constant activity for the prevention of accidents and all issues relating to health;
    5. 5 Consultation of employees, especially in the field of health and safety at work;
    6. 6 Leadership affective-relational:The objective leadership goal is not the production management, innovation or the readiness and administrative regulations, but membership in the group and the internal unity, respect for differences and appreciation of the socio-supportive behaviors within the group or collaboration. Conveys the sense of team and team unites and affiliates components to an emotional dimension.
  4. Search for continual improvement aimed at prevention, protection and preservation of the environment in compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations:
    1. 1 Promote accountability and sensitivity to the environment of the staff through information and training;
    2. 2 Collaborate with the Public Authority in order to maintain greater information and ensure compliance with environmental regulations;
    3. 3 Pursue the development of an environmental management system characterized by the identification of goals, targets and program implementation, verification tools and indicators for continuous monitoring of environmental quality, as well as by the use of procedures and instructions;
    4. 4 Promote the prevention of accidents which may have effect on the environment, by providing all the necessary procedures and improvement activities;
    5. 5 Pursue actions to improve energy efficiency, reduce consumption of hazardous substances through the implementation of organizational and technological solutions that improve performance..
  5. Attention to the communicative aspect and the company image by:
    1. 1 Care for the Company site
    2. 2 Creating and updating a business website

The Executive Board has prepared this document to prove its commitment to implement and manage activities in accordance with an integrated management system for quality, environment and health and safety in the workplace in accordance with the laws of UNI EN ISO 9001:15, UNI EN ISO 14001:15 and BS OHSAS 18001:07.

A management review Is carried out annually in which, among other things, defines and analyzes the Improvement Plan, the objectives of this Policy and to ensure they are in line with the company.


Gianni Antenucci

Marco De Luca