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Gianni Antenucci - Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Gianni AntenucciMr. Gianni Antenucci has over twenty years of successful experience in plant design, mechanical engineering, corporate development and corporate management.  Born in the city of Prato in the region of Tuscany, Italy, in 1971, young Gianni, inspired by his father, developed a passion for technology, the workings of machines, and mechanical design. Mr. Antenucci’s father, Mr. Luigi Antenucci, held a position with Fiat and understood the design, mechanics and the inner workings of surface transportation vehicles. This fueled Mr. Antenucci’s passion and a maturing curiosity, that led him to study drives, materials, chemicals, machine tools and, significantly, technical drawing.

A graduate of the Technical Industrial Institute in Prato, Italy, Mr. Antenucci worked for five years at a firm, designing and manufacturing textile machinery. In 1997, he joined with his childhood friend, Mr. Marco De Luca and founded Meccanica System, initially operating their firm out of a one room apartment.  Meccanica System S.r.L. has evolved into a major Italian advanced design and engineering consulting firm. Mr. Antenucci and Mr. De Luca, have led and directed their Firm in its many diverse projects throughout the globe for the past 16 years.  First, focusing on textile machinery, the firm grew, broadened and expanded while establishing collaborative relationships with some of the world’s most important mult:national companies. Mr. Antenucci is married to Ida Lepore, the sister of Mr. De Luca’s wife, Amalia. Ida and Gianni have two daughters, Sofia, and Matilde. 
Contact: antenucci@meccanicasystem.it